The California Red Worm that Lombricol.com offers its customers is reliable and guaranteed, since it has been cultivated with a special diet that makes it ideal for removing earthworm flour and natural skin products. The worm Lombricol.com is being cultivated by farmers in order to sell it with a better price to our production plants and thus Lombricol.com produce worm flour for human consumption, then becoming a win-win business. If you have doubts or want more information about this, ask us about the advantages and disadvantages of the worm cultivation. What do you expect to be part of our special farmers who will have a better income than those who cultivate the earthworm in a normal way? Encourage yourself to be part of this family of special worm breeding, Lombricol.com will advise you as long as required. Know the three types of worms in the market, and their respective tactical cards:

The California Red Worm Andrei

It is a small worm that lives from 3 to 5 years per egg, from 2 to 4 worms are born, this worm flies from the beds, that is, they are very arisca.For being so small, the performance of this worm is little which is not recommended first because It flies out of bed giving loss in terms of reproduction and second because of its size the process of conversion to vermicompost takes longer. * For the purchase of more than 2 tons of earthworm, transportation is borne by Lombricol.com. Only in Colombia *.

The Fétida Californian Red Worm (Yhecnical Page)
It is a medium-sized earthworm lives 8 to 10 years per egg born from 6 to 8 worms. This earthworm does not fly from the beds. Being a medium earthworm, its performance is acceptable as well as its multiplication, the performance is better than Andrei. It is recommended to feed fish of all kinds. * For the purchase of more than 1 ton of earthworm the transport is borne by Lombricol.com. Only in Colombia *.

The Eisinia Foetida Red Californian Red Worm (Thecnical Page)
Brought from the USA, it is a worm that lives 16 years and by egg they are born from 19 to 21 worms it is a very meek worm and it does not fly out of the beds while the food is well managed, with this worm we can make several products such as granules scrubs, earthworm oil, earthworm flour for human consumption among others. * For the purchase of more than 500 kilos of earthworm the transport is borne by Lombricol.com. Only in Colombia *