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A company born in the coffe belt for Colombia and the World!


Lombricol a company created to aid worm farmers of colombia and the world in raising the californian red worm, also be support in selling products such as the worm and solid vermicompost.

Through the products we offer we want to contribute to the conservation of our habitat, the promotion of biodiversity, the health of soils, all this with practices that respect the environment, as well as sustainable organic agriculture and food safety . Currently, we advise farmers and growers of flowers and foliage type export, in aspects such as: dosage and application of our products, such accompaniment is provided free of charge.

Additionally, the company collaborates with the municipal waste management giving optimum results and delivering an organic fertilizer of excellent quality and 100% natural, so that the mayors can deliver to poor farmers, implementing clean agriculture, that is, zero chemicals improving the crops, productivity and health of the inhabitants of the place, therefore, reducing costs in purchases of inorganic fertilizers (chemicals), harmful to the environment.  

The company has more than 25 years of experience in the breeding of the California redworm Andrei, Fétida and Esenia Foetida.  

For all the above,, is your best option to buy vermicompost or earthworm. Since we have production plants in different parts of the National territory which facilitates accessibility to the product and vermiculture closest to your farm, thus saving money on items such as transportation. We are a company created for you, according to the need that have we will help you solve it in the best way. Contact Us! 


• Certificado del ICA como productor de Fertilizantes Orgánicos Nº 003553 

• Registro de venta ICA para el Fertilizante Orgánico Lombricol FO-EO1

• Certificado Internacional

• Certificado Nacional

• Cartificado de Matrícula Mercantil





Lombricol Purpose: Serve you with the best advice on your Wormling project making it one of the best Productive Worm Growing in Colombia., a company created in 1987, in the municipality of Apia Risaralda by Ing. Diego Fernando Cataño Bedoya, who with his desire to create a company and seeing the need to transform organic waste the waste that his farm produced and after Knowing the benefits of the Californian Redworm decided to implement crops for the breeding and management of the same which was brought by him from the United States. The results obtained were surprising, because in addition to obtaining an organic fertilizer of excellent quality, he found an ostensible decrease in production costs. The technological proposal used by the Engineer Diego Fernando Cataño Bedoya, was validated through research carried out jointly with CENICAFÉ.

As you know, today there are many worms in Colombia that need help and advice for the establishment, improvement and sale of products based on Californian red earthworm,, wants to help you by providing the necessary advice and that nobody better than our company With a trajectory of 25 years in which he has perfected the vermiculture and the products derived from it he can offer. Backed in our experience we can tell you that we provide the best advice on the breeding, handling and marketing of products based on the Californian Red Worm.


Consolidate as a leading company for the agricultural sector in consulting and product development based on the breeding and management of the Californian red worm. 


Develop clean, environmentally friendly technologies that allow the production of organic fertilizers and supplies from the breeding and handling of the California redworm. 


Production of organic fertilizers for agriculture and 100% natural cosmetic products for the skin, based on the breeding and management of the Californian red worm. 

"What do you wait to be part of this great company, the only company that thinks about you and your future"



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