Exfoliating Granules

It is a 100% natural product that helps cleanse and soften the skin, reduce acne and improve skin texture as it contains collagen and natural astringent. The product acts as follows: while scrubbing the exfoliating granules through the skin, it opens the pores allowing the product to act immediately on your skin, leaving it completely clean and moisturized.

How to use it:

To make smooth your hands

Apply the product on wet hands, rub them with quick and smooth movements for 20 seconds, then rinse them with cold water and you will feel your hands soft and moist.

To aply as mask

Place a small amount of granules in your hand and add a little water until it is creamy and then apply it on the wet and clean face. Exfoliating granules can be used every day without any problem, it is recommended to exfoliate the face once a week, the rest of the week use it as a mask, leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes, in this period of time you will feel an itching that indicates that the product is working on it and when it stops chopping it is because the product has already worked and can be removed with cold water. Customers who use our product as a mask have told us that washing it feels very fresh and younger.

To be used in the Spa

For better product performance it is recommended to place the scrub granules on a flat plate where the person doing the massage can place their hand moisture on them and thus take the necessary amount to then rub them gently and quickly, after rubbing them by All skin is expected 5 minutes and then washed. People who use our product in the Spa, do not fit in their astonishment of the feeling of relaxation they feel at the end of their massage.

!The effect is immediate.!

You do not need to wait a week or more to see the positive results of this new product. Many people are using it and are amazed at its effectiveness as it gives the skin (hands, face, feet and the whole body), benefits such as cleaning, softening and moisturizing, in addition to generating a pleasant feeling of relaxation that is very comforting . Additionally, being a 100% natural product, when applied to the affected parts, its curative and preventive effectiveness can be noticed without equal.

Begin to take care of yourself and heal within a natural process that will renew the cells and return their natural beauty to your face.