Homemade Module

The home module that Lombricol.com offers for its size and easy handling can be located anywhere.It can be installed in a corner of the house, balcony, terrace, patio, buildings, condominiums, military barracks, hospitals, restaurants etc. It is a product designed for you to be the producer of your organic fertilizer which will be of excellent quality, for which the company gives you the instructions for using it at the time of the purchase of the module, the manual are instructions For handling organic waste, you must follow them to the letter, mainly you should NOT add meat, dairy products, fat, grains, or pet droppings in your container, to avoid bad odors, improper results and discomforts in place of its installation, whether domestic or other. Our clients residing in Colombia and other countries that manage our home module express that the handling of it is very easy and that for a rodent control they have recommended strictly following the recommendations that Lombricol.com. This is an activity in which all family members can be involved and become relaxing, playful and simple, productive and joint learning, while helping our environment and that of future generations.

What are you waiting for to have your own homemade module Lombricol.com