Our Services

• Lombricol.com offers conferences, courses and workshops with the most modern technologies and criteria for the management of rural and urban, commercial and domestic worm farming, its markets, marketing and marketing.

• We advise you in the elaboration and administration of Worm Projects, whether they are social or Ecological, at the Municipal, Institutional or School level.

• We provide guidance for the planning, installation and administration of vermiculture, with electronic equipment, these can be located in Supermarkets, Supply Centers, Condominium Buildings, Hospitals, Military Barracks, etc.

If you have business intentions, LOMBRICULTURE offers you several possibilities to have the most profitable business: fertilizer, breeding stock and meat. We adjust your project to the amount of investment you solve, the profitability exceeds 200%. We have the most advanced criteria and technology. Ask us, we will provide everything. We are your best option!