Solid Fertilizer FO-EO2
This product has been approved for its use in organic agriculture.

It is an ideal organic biostimulant to improve soils, as it not only increases your fertility, but also your bacterial flora. It contains essential macronutrients such as nitrates, phosphates and potassium. It changes the physical properties of the soil improving its water retention capacity. It is a source of macro and micro nutrients. Supplements biochemically active compounds. Improves the permeability of plant membranes facilitating the absorption of nutrients. It causes auxinic reactions that promote plant growth. Improves the germination capacity of the seed. The solid organic Biostimulant FO - E02 absorbs its weight in water, improves all mineral soil, gives cohesiveness to the sands, looseness to the clays, increases aggregation, porosity and through it aeration and resistance to erosion. When applied in a solid way to the soil, the percentage of organic matter in it increases, in addition, it increases the availability of nutrients that can be absorbed by plants using the root system, allowing a better development and growth of crops (Tabora, 1999 ) In addition, the high content of macro and micronutrients, the compost contains important organic compounds among which are: humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and alcohols (ECOALMANZORA, 2001).